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A Dynamic Medical Center Through Mission Health Systems

Lake Toxaway Estates embodies health and wellness. Our members, regardless of age, tend to lead very active lives and spend much of their time here hiking, walking, swimming, playing golf or tennis, and just basically participating in a health-oriented lifestyle. As part of our commitment to health and fitness, Lake Toxaway Company provides convenient access to Western North Carolina’s nationally recognized Mission Health Systems. Toxaway Health Center is located just a short drive from our front gates and has been serving residents of southwest Transylvania County and east Jackson County, providing convenient access to primary care services.

On-Site Emergency Capabilities

For emergencies, the Lake Toxaway Fire Rescue EMS unit is located on our property to serve our members and guests. We also have several helicopter landing locations within Lake Toxaway for emergency air-lift service to healthcare networks in Asheville, NC, and Greenville, SC.

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